Catholic Church

Is Mary an Advocate?

Throughout history, Protestants and Roman Catholics have been divided over their attitude towards Mary, the mother of our Lord. This article examines Roman Catholic doctrines regarding Mary in the light of the Scriptures.

Why the "Banker of God" Had to be Made Silent

This article examines the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Pope John Paul I, and reveals some shocking facts regarding the true reasons for theses events.

The Revelation of St. John the Divine

A verse by verse commentary on the book of Revelation, explaining the Scriptures and their fulfilment in world history. This article includes many maps and tables to illustrate the fulfilment of prophecy. You will be amazed as you see the history of the world since Christ “fit like a glove” over the hand of the book of Revelation.

Rome's Heretical Inventions

Often true Christians were persecuted as being heretics by the Catholic Church. Read what heretic doctrines Rome has introduced over the centuries.

Studies in Revelation

Quotations illustrating events in the history of the "Roman Earth" from the times of the Roman Empire down to the Twentieth Century...

Mary - Mother of Jesus

“The following is a simple factual comparison of Roman Catholic teachings concerning Mary, the mother of Jesus, with the words of Christ and His Apostles recorded in the Bible.”

A Word to a Protestant

“Do you call yourself a Protestant? Why so? Do you know what the word means?” This article clearly defines the differences between Protestants and Roman Catholics.

Proud to Be a Protestant

In the mainline denominations, we are told to forget the Reformation and the unhappy divisions of the past. Many movements attempt to make us ashamed of the historic and Scripturally based title of "Protestant", and to remove it if possible from our thinking and our vocabulary. Going back to the days of Martin Luther, a 'Protestant' is a witness for the Truth of the Word of God and against the unscriptural errors of Romanism. For many a reason, we are proud to unashamedly bear such a name.

The Pope and the Church!

“The Pope is acclaimed to be ‘Vicar of Jesus Christ’, ‘The Holy Father’, and the ‘Head of the Universal Church’.” Read here about how the Bible shows all these claims to be false.

The False Teaching of the Catholic Church (666)

Find out what unscriptural practices the Catholic Church invented and introduced into the church over the centuries.

Catholicism's Centuries of Sexual Confusion

A comparison of the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage and sex, with what the Bible says on this topic.

Specific Information about Alberto

Alberto Rivera, a former Jesuit priest, has been viciously attacked by the Roman Catholics, but he is bold in his quest to ensure that other Catholics also find out the truth about Jesus Christ.

The Vatican Billions

The following article is an excerpt from chapter 26 of 'The Vatican Billions', by Avro Manhattan, explaining the origins of the colossal wealth held by the Roman Catholic Church.

What is the Apocrypha?

“Why aren’t these books found in Protestant Bibles?”

"Pope Was Poisoned After 33 Days"

After 3 years of investigation, author David Yallop has written a book entitled “In God’s Name”, in which he discloses the details of how Pope John Paul I was murdered in 1978, having been Pope for only 33 days.

St. Lamberti in Muenster

Article describing the St. Lamberti Cathedral, which tells how three cages, still hanging outside the tower were used to display the dead bodies of Anabaptists who were executed in 1536.