Evangelist Spoke on Story of Jonah

Arena Has Been Secured for Remainder of Campaign

Next Healing Meeting Tomorrow Night

Using the experiences of Jonah, Rev. Dr. C. S. Price preached a sermon at the Metropolitan Church last night that brought many young people to the altar. “It is the greatest service of my whole campaign of this city,” said the evangelist, as some seventy young people appeared at the altar of penitence.

Newspaper article "Evangelist spoke on Story of Jonah"VICTORIA DAILY TIMES (THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 1923) Taking almost the same theme as that on Monday night, Dr. Price told his audience “that God has His plans for us just as He had for Jonah when the Lord came unto Jonah, and said ‘Go ye into Nineveh, and preach the gospel.’ ”

“But,” he asserted, “many of us today are doing what Jonah did. We have plans of our own and try to carry them out when God’s plan is the best and one that will bring salvation. Jonah paid no heed to God’s command, but followed out his own plans,” said the speaker.

Went Down

“I presume,” said the speaker, after describing the incident, “that Jonah continued on his downward course even after he was thrown over the side of the ship. Even when the whale came and swallowed him up, which incident I certainly believe, he continued his downward course right to the bottom of the ocean in the whale’s stomach. He had gone down as low as any man could expect to be, for what man could imagine a much lower place on earth than the bottom of the ocean at the bottom of a whale’s stomach.”

“It was when Jonah had spent three days and three nights in this predicament that he prayed to God for salvation, and,” continued the speaker, “what person does not call to God in such a predicament or something similar to Jonah’s situation. He began to pray as we all do when we find we need help: but what he should have done, and what we all should do, was to have prayed long before, when he found that he was straying from God’s ways.”

“Sin had brought him to this just as sin brings as to low and degrading conditions,” contended the speaker. “There is not a case of poverty or degradation in this world that I cannot trace to some past sin,” the evangelist stated. “The sin may not be in this generation, but nevertheless it has been committed and ‘the sins of the father shall be visited upon the children of the third and fourth generation.’ ”

False Theologies

The evangelist warned his audience against giving themselves up to false theologists, which claimed there was no sin, “for,” said he, “God came into this world to destroy the devil’s works.”

Again the evangelist emphasized the fact that sinning made the people suffer. “What grey-haired old mother deserves to die of a broken heart because of her son’s sins?” the speaker asked. “None should,” he said, “but they do. The only real pleasure found in this world is the joy of salvation through God. All the other pleasures are not but ‘wild oats,’ and you will reap what you sow. The harvest will be tenfold too.” He continued, “It says in the Bible, ‘If ye sow in the flesh ye shall reap in the flesh, but if ye sow in the spirit ye shall reap in the spirit.’ You are impeding the progress of your Christian life by indulging in the pleasures of evil, but the joy of salvation will bring you closer to God.”

Seventy Answered Call

“Following Jonah’s sojourn in the whale’s stomach, God had directed him and a great revival campaign was held in Nineveh,” Dr. Price averred. “Jonah did great work in that city, and he might just as well had stuck to the plan in the first place.” “So might you people do the same,” said Dr. Price. “Come to Him tonight,” the evangelist appealed. Many answered the call, and Dr. Price said he was particularly gratified as large numbers of people came up.

Secured Arena

It was intimated at the commencement of the service that the Arena had been secured for the remainder of the campaign, and that starting on Friday night, services would be held in that building. As to whether it would be used every night it was not yet decided, as that depended on the audience, however, all afternoon and morning services would still be conducted at the Metropolitan Church. At the request for volunteers to erect a large platform at the rink for the evangelistic party and the choir many hands were raised. Work will commence immediately on the construction, and accommodation for a 300-voice choir is expected.

Enrollment for the choir was commenced, while it was intimated that the Salvation Army had kindly consented to supply a band.

Where Money Goes

Dr. Price emphasised that none of the proceeds taken up by the collections would revert to his pockets. Only expenses would be paid out of this money, and if there was surplus, then he would give it to some deserving missionary fund. Dr. Sipprell had asked him to accept portion as pay, he stated, but “I don’t want to commercialise evangelism,” he declared.