Goitre Healed Through Prayer

Rev. W.J. Knott Weeps For Joy As Malady Apparently Is Cured at Huge Healing Meeting; Two People Healed of Deafness, One of Paralysis, Preacher’s Assistants Assert; Women Are Treated For Cancer and Satisfactory Results Are Claimed; Now Is Time to Be Saved, Evangelist Warns.

Newspaper article "Declares Goitre left him through Prayers uttered by Dr. Price"VICTORIA DAILY TIMES (WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 1923) More miraculous cures to all appearances were effected through the power of prayer and faith by Rev. Dr. C. S. Price before a congregation which jammed every corner of the Metropolitan Methodist Church last night.

“Rev. W. J. Knott, a well-known Victorian, told his friends after the close of the service that he had been cured of goitre from which he had been suffering for years; one partially blind woman’s sight was restored, two persons were healed of deafness, several cases of cancer were treated with satisfactory results and others were cured of a variety of maladies,” Dr. Price’s assistants stated after the service.

Mr. Knott’s cure was perhaps the most striking that Dr. Price has effected here. After Dr. Price had prayed over Mr. Knott, who is an elderly man, he fell backward on the platform moaning. When he arose he declared that his goitre had left him entirely.

A most pathetic scene was witnessed at the end of the service, when Mr. Knott who had been cured of goitre, was greeted by his sons. One of the sons hastened down the aisle as fast as he could, went his way through the crowd and embraced his father, kissing the place where the goitre had been. Both of Mr. Knott’s sons were excited over the remarkable healing, as their father, it is alleged, had not long to live, the goitre already commencing to strangle him.

The excited and joyful father took his two sons into his arms and wept for joy, while the wife also had tears in her eyes as she affectionately kissed her husband. It was a rejoicing family that made their way home last night.

“It was impossible to judge exactly how Dr. Price’s prayers affected certain cases,” the evangelist’s secretary explained after the meeting. “Of the forty persons treated by Dr. Price last night a large proportion had felt the touch of God,” he asserted. “Several women treated for cancer had felt they had received relief,” he said, “and a woman whose arm had been paralyzed had been cured,” it was stated. Except for those on the platform it was difficult to know exactly what effect Dr. Price’s prayers were having as the trouble from which sick people were suffering were not announced. Only in certain cases did Dr. Price himself announce that cures had occurred.

Letters of Thanks

Before commencing his healing work, Dr. Price stated that he had received letters from people that had been cured at his last meeting. One woman said she had been healed of a serious malady, thought to be incurable, just in listening to Dr. Price’s sermon and having faith in God’s power to save. “People who had thus been cured would come to the platform at a later meeting and testify,” he stated.

The Outward Sign

The first woman prayed over last night fell backward, muttering, and lay on her back. Dr. Price said she was cured. “You may notice a trembling of these people’s bodies - that’s the power of God,” Dr. Price explained.

Dr. Price prayed for one woman affected with cancer. She left the platform smiling with gratitude. The next woman fell backward when Dr. Price prayed for her, and the evangelist announced that she had received instant healing. He then prayed for a deaf woman and declared afterwards that she had been cured. She left the platform beaming with delight. One woman, Dr. Price said, had been cured of almost complete blindness. Formerly she could not read the largest type and now, he stated, she could read the hymnbook. Another woman left the platform, her arms above her head, apparently to indicate to all that she was cured.

People in Advanced years

“You’ve got your healing now!” Dr. Price explained just as he had uttered a word or two of prayer over a little gray-haired lady.

When Dr. Price prayed over Rev. Mr. Knott he fell down and praised God, shouting, “Hallelujah, praise God, glory to Jesus” continually. He kept praising God in a loud voice as he lay on the platform, his head on a rug placed by Dr. Price’s assistants. He frequently kept raising his hands and kept saying, “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” often his hands trembled violently.

Then a man who was deaf in one ear told Dr. Price that he was cured. He tested his new hearing by placing his finger in his normal ear. He found he was able to hear with the ear formerly useless. His announcement was greeted with applause.

A woman who, it was stated, could not use her left arm was able to lift her arm above her head after Dr. Price had prayed over her.

Practical Test

“Before this campaign is over people will drop all over the church under the power of God,” Dr. Price declared. “Don’t be afraid of it. It’s Jesus!”

Just after this a woman in a distant part of the church began to sob aloud. Dr. Price prayed over several elderly men who could not go upon the platform. He treated one man who was deaf, speaking in his ear and commanding the deafness to depart. “He’s got his cure,” said Dr. Price.

At five o’clock yesterday afternoon crowds assembled to secure seats for the evening service. By 5.30 the church was jammed, and the police had to turn about a thousand away.

Overflow Meeting

Dr. Price held a crowded overflow meeting in the Sunday School while the preliminary service was held in the church itself. About six hundred people attended the overflow service.

Evasion of Responsibility

Dr. Price moulded his sermon around the sentence of Jesus by Pilate, as described in the Gospel of St. Mark. He told how Pilate attempted to evade the responsibility of sentencing the Saviour, and how at last he had yielded to the clamour of the mob. “‘What then shall I do with Jesus,’ asked Pilate,” Dr. Price recalled. “In every life, sometime between the cradle and the grave that question arises. How shall we answer it?”

“Jesus will stand tonight a prisoner before the bar of your will. You can do with Him as you will. But sometime the situation will be reversed. You will meet him on that throne of judgment and the treatment you receive will depend on how you treat Jesus now. If you reject Him know He will reject you then.”

“Before you leave tonight you will do one of three things: accept Christ, procrastinate or reject Him. Do not reject Him for in so doing you reject every hope of salvation for without blood there is no remission of sins.”

“The question is, ‘What shall I do with Jesus?’ You can do as you like. Only you can decide. Your friends cannot do it for you. If you reject Him you crucify the Son of God again. I believe that the Son of God suffered more wounds then He received at Calvary. The rejection of Jesus means the rejection of the salvation of your soul.”

The Real Heaven

“I don’t believe heaven is a place where people float about without consciousness. It is a land of never failing day, of everlasting flowers, where there is no disease, no parting, no death bed scenes, no devil, thank God.”

“When I stop to think about the power of sin I shudder! But when I think of the power of Jesus to save I shout ‘Hallelujah!’ Jesus can break every fetter.”

The Boundary Line

Dr. Price warned his hearers against procrastination. “Nearly every one wanted to be saved,” he said, “but many delayed until it was too late.” “The most dangerous thing in all the world is to delay,” he warned. “There is a hidden boundary line between God’s mercy and His wrath.”

“I believe that there are souls in this building that unless they give themselves to God tonight will be lost,” he declared. “Unless the Bible be wrong there is no chance of reformation after the grave. I know both sides of life and I will tell you that the joys of sin compared to the joys of goodness are as sounding brass and tinkling cymbal. I would sooner be with God than anything in this world.”

A Personal Jesus

“Jesus,” Dr. Price told his hearers, “is with men every day and all the day, closer than the closest friend, able to save, anxious to help in every trouble of this life, filling every hour with sunshine. When the Prince of Peace takes up His abode in your heart you will say ’Eureka, I have found it, the thing I have prayed for.’”

Dr. Price called upon all who wanted him to pray for them to put up their hands. Dozens of people all over the church raised their hands, and Dr. Price asked God to bless them. At his invitation a number came up and knelt before the alter in prayer. While the rest of the congregation was singing a hymn these people prayed.

A healing meeting for elderly people will be held tomorrow afternoon.