Other Religions

Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism

Today, we live together with people whose customs and ways are, at first glance, strange to us. One reason for this is because these people do not belong to Christendom, but were brought up in a religion strange to us. If we want to understand our Asian immigrants we first have to find out about their religions. This article briefly examines the history and beliefs of three major eastern religions.

Eastern Orthodoxy: Mirror Image of Pagan Romanism

The remarkable similarities between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches.

Are Jesus and Jehovah Not the Same?

“How the divinity of Jesus Christ is linguistically hidden by the Bible of the Watchtower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses).”

What is a Sect?

The terms "sect" and "sectarianism" are applied in the religious, philosophical and the political realms. When we hear these terms we begin to have negative feelings. Nobody wants to be a sectarian, and nobody wants to belong to a sect. Find out what the Bible says about it...