What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit

"What the Bible says about the Holy Spirit" is a sheet of Scriptures that describe the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the Bible. This sheet also explains the role of the Holy Spirit and the necessity of becoming Spirit-filled with the sign of speaking in tongues.

What the Bible Says About Water Baptism

What is the right way to baptise? Is baptism really necessary for salvation? Read what the Bible says about it!

Though He Was Crucified

Did you ever think about what it meant that Jesus dies for our sins? He died the most dreadful death man could imagine - crucifixion. Ponder this information deeply and understand what Jesus went through to take away our every sin and sickness!

The Coming Return in All His Glory of Jesus Christ the King

This sheet describes the events that will happen in the last days before the return of Christ. It is clear from the Word that it will happen quickly so we must be ready. We are warned to obey and repent now or there may not be another chance.

Jesus Christ is our Peace with God

This article brings to light scriptures that deal with the topic of substance abuse. This shows that God does not want his children to seek for meaning in things that will not last. Jesus Christ fills our every need, so as Christians we do not need to take drugs or chemical substances in an attempt to achieve what only God can give.

God's Judgment on this Sinful World

This sheet contains a list of sexual sins. God's attitude to each form of sexual immorality is revealed through examples from the Word. The Scriptures come with a warning that God will judge those who do not obey His Word and turn from their immorality.

The Perfect Plan of Redemption

There is no plan greater than the plan of our salvation. God knew that the people He created would sin and that is why He made it possible for them to be saved by the sacrifice of His son. The redeemer came "when the time was fulfilled". He was an unknown man from Nazareth, but He fulfilled the description that the prophet Isaiah had given 550 years before.

Arguments & Explanations!

Some of the whys and wherefores - is near enough good enough? Find out the answers to some common questions on salvation.

The Evidence of the Holy Ghost Baptism is Speaking in Tongues

With many supporting Scriptures, this sheet shows how the baptism of the Holy Spirit takes place. Tongues are shown to be the Biblical sign of the indwelling of the Spirit. The sheet also explains why being Spirit filled is necessary, so the Spirit can provide the power to live the Christian life.

God's Word Condemns Satan and all His Works

God's Word speaks clearly against satan and his works. It shows that witchcraft / astrology / séances / magic and hypnotism are an abomination to God. Through Jesus Christ we have victory against the works of satan.

Why We Should Pray in the Spirit

This file gives a list of reasons why praying in the Spirit is necessary, and each reason is provided with Scriptural support.

The Cleansing Power of the Blood

Learn about the significance of the Lord's blood cleansing us from sin through parallels in biology.


This article provides explanations for the Greek words for baptism used In the New Testament. It discusses the different baptisms described in the Bible and shows that sprinkling and infant baptism are not according to God's Word.

What About when You Die?

Each person will see death and what will happen then? According to the Word of God, all will be raised and then will face judgment. Each person will have to give an account to God. It is only through believing in Jesus Christ that we can escape the consequences we deserve.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit is Regeneration

This article examines the baptism of the Holy Spirit according to the Bible. It shows how baptism in the Holy Spirit, with the sign of speaking in tongues, is what gives a Christian their new life.

Italian leaflet: Popoli della terra, prestate attenzione

Prima di tutto ti prego di non strappare o gettare via questa lettera prima di averla letta tutta.
Questa è diretta a tutte le persone che veramente e onestamente cercano la vita tramite la conoscenza di Dio, ma sono stati ingannati da un falso senso di sicurezza delle varie forme di strutture religiose...