Full List of Theme Sheets

The A to D categories in this list represent both the importance of each sheet, as well as the level of confidence related to its content. Please note that most of these sheets were not written by ourselves, but are collected from various sources. The majority, but not all links that can be found in the Bible Studies section are included below. Should you have any questions about any sheets or teaching in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some of the materials posted on this page are taken from past internal assembly newsletters, called "Trumpet, Sword and Pentecost Fire". They usually are reprints from Christian magazines and other sources and contain a reference to the newsletter that first included them.

 Trumpet, Sword and Pentecost Fire - newsletter


Theme Sheets in Category A1

Theme Sheets in Category A2

A Message... 2001
Friendship 2002
How to Deal with Mistakes 2003
Never Let There Be a Chink in Your Armour 2004
How to Heal the Sick 2005
No Revival Without the Spirit of Prayer 2006
Prayer Guidelines 2007
Power from on High 2008
Prevailing Prayer 2009
Seven Laws of Prayer 2010
Fasting and Prayer - the Atomic Power of God 2011
Praying in Tongues 2012
Arguments & Explanations! 2013
The Victorious Life in Jesus Christ 2014
A Happy Christian / An Unhappy Christian 2015
Fruit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit 2016
Strategy of the Devil 2017
Thy Name Is to Be Praised 2018
Training to Win 2019
Stewardship 2021
Easter 2023
Christmas 2024
The Perfect Plan of Redemption 2025
The Cleansing Power of the Blood 2026
The Bible - An Out-Dated Book? 2027
The Bible and the Fulfilment of Prophecy 2028
Babylon 2030
Manners & Etiquette 2031
Dates With Disaster 2032
What Does the Bible Say About Alcohol? 2033
Why You Shouldn't Marry or Date an Unbeliever 2034
Rome's Heretical Inventions 2035
Our Hidden History - Good Manners 2037
The Coin of Daniel 12:12 2038
Kings and Prophets in Israel 2039
Sketch of Daniel 7 2040
The Family Tree of Abraham 2041
The Nations According to Genesis 10 2042
Quality Friendship - The Risks and Rewards 2043
Throwing Light on Lying Spirits 2045
Hymn Trends - A Heavy Cross to Bear 2046
A Virtuous Woman 2048
The Incomparable Christ 2049
Christ in You, The Hope of Glory (Part 2) 2050
Christ in You, The Hope of Glory (Part 3) 2051
Christ In You, The Hope of Glory (Part 4) 2052
The Nine-Fold Fruit of the Holy Spirit 2053
Eternity 2054
The Person God uses 2055
Biblical Christianity 2056
The Power of Consecration to Principle 2057
A Nickel for the Lord 2058
Are Christians Under the Law of the Old Testament? 2060
Food That Is Good For Us 2061

Theme Sheets in Category B

Seeing Behind Trials 1
Persecution 2
Pearls (Notes Taken from the Back of Our Senior Pastor's Bible) 4
Pearls from the Writings of Ivan Panin 5
Man's One Great Responsibility 9
Only a Thought 10
Prayer Power 11
Who Will You Deny? Yourself or the Lord? 13
Proverbs from the Bible Study 14
What is a Sect? 16
'Accusers' - Speaking Wrongly About Others 17
Caleb's Faith and Patience Rewarded 18
Hallowed Be Thy Name 19
How to Win in Spiritual Warfare 20
The Counsel of God 21
The Cost of Revival 22
Are You Dissatisfied as a Christian? 23
Heaven Can Wait 24
The Flood 25
"Moma" Kwang 26
As Birds Flying 27
14 Kopek Stamp of 1930 28
A Time to Be Healed 30
'Pisteuõ' - Do It! 31
Hell's Best Kept Secret... The Law 32
The First Meal of the Day 33
Marine in Flames 36
The False Teaching of the Catholic Church (666) 37
God's Ways With Us 38
Revival on the Hebrides 39
That You May Prosper 40
Bible Study: God's Plan for the Family 41
Our Young Universe 42
The Universe Is Young 43
The Revelation of St. John the Divine 44
Studies in Revelation 45
Is Mary an Advocate? 46
Christians and the Sabbath 47
Did God Really Take Six Days? 48
Aren't Adam, Eve and Noah Just Legends? 49
Prophecies Concerning Jesus and Their Fulfilment 50
Baptism in the Holy Spirit is Regeneration 51
Baptism 52
Broken Fellowship 53
The Oversight 54
Testimony of Great Revivalists 55
Nehemiah 57
Qualifications for Leadership 58
The Authority of Fathers 59
The Man on the Run 60
Tyndale 63
What Are You Doing With Your Life? 64
The Name of Jesus 66
Jehovah's Witnesses and Creation 67
The World God Created 69
The Pastor's Wife as a Helpmeet 71
History of the Christian Church - Luther Prayed in Tongues 72
Hebrew and Greek Words Translated as 'Wine' 74
Why the "Banker of God" Had to be Made Silent 75
Italian leaflet: Popoli della terra, prestate attenzione 82
The 11th of the 11th - Remembrance Day 84
Trust in the Blood 86
In a World of Lies - Dare to Tell the Truth 87
Rebuilding the Family: Recovering from Industrialism 88
Some Thoughts on Prayer 89
The Golden Rule 90
The Paradox of Our Time 91
Vision of Doom 92
Why Christians Should Use the King James Bible 93
Genetically Modified Food 94
Protecting Our Children 95
1967 – Last Date in the Bible! 96
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage 100
On Obedience to Pastors 104
Wesley's Rules for Assistants 106
Beware of Cooking Oils – "Canola Oil" 107
Health and the Law of God 112
Would You Ever Consider Abortion? 118
Building the House of God 120
To All Those Who May Fall into Condemnation 128
The Bible and Halloween 130
Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God 132
Proud to Be a Protestant 136

Theme Sheets in Category C

Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism 1
The Glorious Revolution 5
Heritage: A Huguenot Tercentenary 6
The Deliverance of Old Jerusalem 7
Fallacies of Futurism - The Revived Roman Empire 8
The Ascent Of Antichrist Power 9
The Kings of the East 10
Binding Satan 16
Jigsaw Humans 17
Evolution's Influence on Modern Bible Translations 18
Why Have All Those Children Gone? 19
Johannes Kepler 20
Sir Isaac Newton 21
George Washington Carver 22
Creation and the Appearance of Age 23
Why Sound is 'Music to Your Ears'! 24
Tom and Jenny and the Snowflakes 25
The Hoatzin 26
Weird and Wonderful! The Woodpecker 27
1470 Skull And Radiometric Dating 28
Radiological Dating 29
Fossil Artefacts Found in Coal 30
Coal Beds and Noah's Flood 31
How Fast Can Coal Form? 32
Fossils - A Story of Death! 33
The Last Pterodactyl? 34
Putting Feathers on Reptiles 35
Is Archaeopteryx a Fossil Forgery? 36
An Impressive Defence of Archaeopteryx 37
Did Fish Grow Legs? 38
Are Mutations Helpful? 39
The 'Greenness' of God 40
The Stone Age Swindle 41
The Evolution of a Monster! 42
The Evolution Train 43
Petra's Time Clock 44
Eliminating Christianity from School Textbooks 45
Bible Study: Is Work a Necessary Evil? 46
Bible Study: The Bible, Foundation for Civilisation 47
Bible Study: Blind Faith? 48
Bible Study: Is the Bible Really History? 49
How Old Is the Earth? 50
The Value Scripture Places on Children 51
Thomas Paine - American Patriot? 52
Our Fragile Democracy 53
Bible Study: Can a Christian Be an Evolutionist? 54
Creation - Meaning, Order and Purpose 55
Bible Study: The God of Science! 56
Bible Study: God Made the World Complete 57
God is the Origin of Life 58
Theistic Evolution 59
Needed: A Designer 60
Miracles of Evolution? - Or Creation? 61
We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made! 62
Other Young Earth Indicators 63
Does the Bible Speak of a Vapour Canopy? 64
Personal Evangelism 65
This Too Will Pass 66
Where Did the Different Races of Man Come From? 67
Evolution's Bloopers and Blunders 68
Missing Links 71
The Religion of Evolution 73
Catholicism's Centuries of Sexual Confusion 75
Specific Information about Alberto 76
The Vatican Billions 77
The Other Ireland 78
Eastern Orthodoxy: Mirror Image of Pagan Romanism 79
Times When God Is Hiding 80
If I Was Ill and Wanted to Be Healed 81
The Birth of the Church 82
Release in Evangelism 83
Release in Praise 84
Firstborn 86
May I Share ...? 87
The Singing Martyr from Latvia 88
Three Practical Tips for Raising Children 90
Time Is Money 91
Who Is Lord over Our Cities? 92
When Whole Cities Turn Away from God 93
The Concept of Teamwork 94
Mary - Mother of Jesus 95
Notes from Smith Wigglesworth 98
The Pentecostal Experience 100
Revival in Ethiopia 101
The Moving Breath of the Spirit 102
Jesus Wants to Heal You 103
Mathematics in the Bible 104
Speaking in Tongues 105
The Lack of the Holy Spirit 106
A Word to a Protestant 107
A Word to a Sabbath-Breaker 108
Modern Translations Are Not Trustworthy! 109
What is the Apocrypha? 110
The Tabernacle in the Wilderness 111
The Seven-Day Week 113
Spiritually Blinkered 114
Womanhood - The Blessing and The Curse 115
The Secret of a Healthy Everyday Family Life 116
Forms of Prayer: Sunday Evening 117
Prayers for Children 118
The Blessing of God 120
Evidence of Speaking in Tongues in the Early Church 121
The British Church - From Rome or Jerusalem? 122
Was the Protestant Reformation a Failure? 123
Divine Intervention 124
Creation or Evolution? 126
Do the Days Really Matter? 127
Adam - Evolved or Created? 128
Pre-Flood Artifacts 129
The Races of Mankind 130
Cranial Capacity - A "Numbers Game" for Evolutionists! 131
The London Specimen of Archaeopteryx 132
Vestigial Organs 133
A Visit in York 134
Darwin Thought Natives Were Advanced Animals! 135
The Hare 136
Bible Prophecy 139
The Historical Interpretation 140
Daniel's Prophecies 141
Snakes Do Eat Dust! 143
Are Jesus and Jehovah Not the Same? 144
Black Sabbath 145
The Pope and the Church! 147
A New Creation 148
Extracts from Nehemiah 149
The Modern Church Rejects the Holy Spirit 150
The Israelite Exodus 152
King James I and the Bible 153
Numerics Test Applied to Mark 16 154
The Stars Tell the Redemption Story 155
The Fall of Babylon 156
Armageddon! 157
Zechariah and the Rift Valley 158
"Pope Was Poisoned After 33 Days" 160
Texas Baptists to Distribute a Bible Full of Holes 165
Terrorists Storm Church: 168
German Expedition Finds Proof: On Board the Ark 170
Bible Text Discovery is the Oldest Yet 171
Harry Spells Danger 178
Women in Christian Ministry 179
Bible Study: Socialism and the Bible 180
Bible Study: Cavemen - Ancestors or Offspring? 181
Strange Tongues Wag in Ballarat 183
Why Pig Meat Should be Banned 201

Theme Sheets in Category D

Theme Sheets in Category NI1

Theme Sheets in Category NI2

Theme Sheets in Category DW2

Other Bible Study Material

Austria’s Christian History
A Stranger in the House
Duties of a Christian Wife to her Husband
The Tongue Can Cause Great Damage
Facts About Food
A Girl's Prayer - A Boy's Prayer
Our Inerrant Bible
A Tale of Two Graves
Colonising the USA
Message from His Majesty King George VI.
Importance of God's Law
America – The Titanic of Nations is Sinking Fast
Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Love
Constitutional Monarchy Must Be Preserved
How Long Were the Days of Genesis 1?
The Way of an Eagle in the Air
The Improvements of Gifts
Should Christians Drink Alcohol?
Gifts of the Spirit
Bible Prophecy: The Aswan High Dam
Bible Study – The Covering
A New Year's Test For Self-Examination
On the Sinking of the Titanic
John Wesley's Instructions for Singing 1761
If Jesus Came to Your House
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Israelites were in America before Columbus
Humility and Holiness
Redeeming the Time
Which Land Was in God's Focus?
History of the Pentecostal Movement
Wigglesworth Down Under
True Christian Character not Grown Overnight
Goitre Healed Through Prayer
Evangelist Spoke on Story of Jonah
Poland’s Christian Heritage
Norway’s Christian Heritage
Christianity in Russia
Canada’s Christian Heritage
Germany's Christian Heritage
Denmark's Christian Heritage
Swedish Christian History
South Africa’s Christian Heritage
The Christian History of New Zealand
The Christian History of France
Hungary´s Christian Heritage
Christian Heritage of the Netherlands
Italy’s Christian Heritage
Britain’s Christian Heritage
America’s Christian Heritage
Switzerland’s Christian Heritage
The Promise of David's Enduring Throne
What Happened to Jeremiah and His Company?
Good and Bad Figs
Tea-Tephi Never Existed?
Was Scota One of the Royal Daughters?
Has Jeremiah Become Known As "Ollam Fodhla"?
Summary of the Historical Articles 5-7
Seven Times Punishment
Were Most Promises to Israel Fulfilled in the OT?
1917 and the Time of the Gentiles
Judah = Israel?
These Were Christian Nations
The Role of English Speaking Peoples
Scotland´s Christian Heritage
Anti Cult Law
The Old Paths - Christian History, Modern Distortions and Political Correctness
National Israel and Judah
Where Are the People of Biblical Israel Today?
All Races of Mankind May be Saved
Poems and Quotes
Australia - A Culture in Crisis
The Downfall of American Agriculture
John G. Lake - A Man of Faith and Works
Miracles in Australia and New Zealand
Australia’s Christian Heritage
Take my Life
Letter to a Sabbath-Keeper
Red Sea Crossing
The Lost Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah
Angels from the Realms of Glory
Nearer, my God, to Thee
Onward, Christian Soldiers
Morning Has Broken
The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended
It Is Well With my Soul
Let All the World
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
Abide with Me
Isaac Watts, "Father of the English hymn"
Amazing Grace
Noah's Ark Found
Rock of Ages
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach
Shalmaneser Names Ahab and Benhadad 853 BC
Tiglath-Pileser Invades Israel
Bible Evidence - Shalmaneser Provides Jehu's Portrait
King of Moab Confirms Bible History
Hezekiah’s Defence of Jerusalem
A Journey to the Stars - Astrology exposed
“Lead, Kindly Light…”
Isaac Watts
Augustus Montague Toplady
John Greenleaf Whittier
Samuel S. Wesley and Ray Overholt
Knowles Shaw
All hail the power of Jesus' name
Come, thou fount of every blessing
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
O For a Faith That Will Not Shrink
He Lives!
It is no secret
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Little Is Much When God Is In It
Praise God, from whom all blessing flow
O happy day, that fixed my choice
Pastor Alan Campbell teaching on Revival