Chronic Disease and Allergies


Healed from Deafness, Fibromyalgia and Other Diseases

Photo of Lars

Lars, BEd - Coffs Harbour, Australia

Hi, My name is Lars and I would like to tell you how God miraculously healed my friend Rebecca from a whole list of diseases, including deafness, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, tinnitus, and rhinitis.

Girl Healed from Spastic Gaitvideo icon

Annette, PhD - Sydney, Australia

One Sunday morning we were handing out Christian leaflets, and I got talking to a lady about healing, and told her that Jesus can heal everybody. “If I lay hands on a sick person and pray in Jesus' Name”, I told her, “Jesus will heal that person”. Shortly after this discussion, I saw a girl who clearly had a spastic gait... 

My Son Healed from Epilepsy

Photo of Concetta

Concetta - Rome, Italy

In hospital they examined him and found that he had epilepsy. As a result he was prescribed a lot of medication. As he got older and went to school it got worse, and when he had a fit his temperature would drop below 36°C and he would feel sick...

Back and Hip Pain Healed as Shorter Leg "Grew Out"!

Photo of Brigitte

Brigitte - Christchurch, New Zealand

When I was a child the doctors discovered that my right leg was about one inch shorter than the left one. This caused pain in my right leg, back and hips... 

Healed from Scoliosis / Spinal Problems

Photo of Viola

Viola - Berlin, Germany

For over 11 years I suffered from a severe condition called scoliosis, or curved spine. This caused my right shoulder-blade to protrude more than the left, and sometimes caused paralysis, which could one day have lead to me being confined to a wheelchair. 

Healed of Pollen Allergy and Warts!

Photo of Hannah

Hannah - Vienna, Austria

I had a severe pollen allergy which effected my eyes so much during spring, that they were always swollen and I could hardly see. When the sun came out and the pollen flew around, I couldn't go outside...

Healed from Asthmavideo icon

Susy, BBus - Sydney, Australia

Ever since I was a small child, I always had problems with my breathing. I would have to use two ventolin puffers: one for every day and the other in case I had an asthma attack. But see what God did in my life...

Healed from Asthma

Photo of Martin

Martin - Abernethy, Scotland

At roughly the same time our assembly learned about the food laws in the Bible and the dangerous E-additives in our food. We discovered that some of the E-stuff could be especially dangerous for people like me. 

Cured of Allergies!

Photo of Vy

Vy, BCA - Wellington, New Zealand

My body used to react to the insect bites by producing hives which, in simple terms, means that the bitten area swells to about ten times the normal size. When I was young, I went to a specialist, who said that this type of allergy was incurable... 

God's Healing Miracles for our Son Jonathan!video icon

Chris, Monika and Jonathan - Perth, Scotland

The doctor said this is one of the worst heart diseases that exists. All the children diagnosed with this syndrome usually died shortly after being born... 

Allergies and Eczema Healed through Prayer and Healthy Eating

Photo of Kate

Kate - St. Albans, England

Miriam was born in 2000 and at first it seemed that she was a perfectly healthy baby. After 2-3 weeks she developed bad eczema, which started on her face, but then spread over her whole body. 

Healed from Crohns Disease

Photo of Emma

Emma - Perth, Scotland

When I was about 8 or 9 years old I was diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disease called Crohns. This disease causes the immune system to attack the digestive system and I was told at the time was incurable. Over the years I have been on all sorts of different medication such as steroids and have had all the associated tests to try and find a way to control the symptoms. I finally had to have part of my small intestine removed, but this didn’t stop the disease from returning...

Short Leg Grew, and Healing of Hay Fever and Asthma

Photo of Gary

Gary - Tillicoultry, Scotland

I found out that my left leg was 1,5 cm shorter than the right. Due to that, three of the spinal discs had been deformed. Because the muscles tried to compensate it, I had constant pain and certain stiffness in my back. 

Blood Pressure Drops Miraculously

Photo of Bernd

Bernd - Berlin, Germany

I had very high blood pressure - 220/180 – although I was taking medication all the time. Such medication is actually very dangerous as it weakens the whole vascular system, especially the heart valves. It also increases the risk of heart attacks...