Mental Illness


Saved from Anxiety and Depression

Photo of Chris

Chris - Central Coast, Australia

Eventually, there was severe anxiety in my chest and my heart did not beat in a relaxed way for months. In October 2012, I was admitted to hospital, diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and put on medication. My mind was in a bad state and I remained in hospital for some weeks before being released. After being released from hospital I remained on medication for about 12 months. The medication seemed to dampen or lessen the severity of the anxiety, but it never cured my illness...

Cured of Mental Problems

Photo of Ralf

Ralf - Perth, Scotland

I started reading esoteric literature and started to practice a kind of self-hypnotism. Because of this, I started to have ‘supernatural perceptions’ and became mentally confused. I ended up in a psychiatric hospital where the drugs I was prescribed caused cramps as side effects.