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Ralf - Perth, Scotland

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My name is Ralf and I lived in Niederweimar, near Marburg, Germany. When I was a child I occasionally read the Bible and went to church with my grandmother. Now and then I thought about questions relating to the Bible, but after my grandmother died, I didn’t think about it any more.

As I grew older, I became interested in many different things. I went out a lot with my friends, and started drinking alcohol more frequently. As time went on I became more and more addicted to alcohol.

I had several failed relationships and often went through times of depression. I did a technical course by correspondence and had great difficulty concentrating due to my alcohol problems. Shortly before I had to do my diploma thesis, I decided to completely stop drinking alcohol. The subject of my dissertation led me into questions about general teaching on formation and about the origin of life. During this time I bought a Bible and started to pray and read the Bible again.

At that time two miracles occurred in my life, which I only understood later. The first miracle concerned my dissertation. Although my studies were technically based, the subject of my dissertation led me into spiritual questions, whereas my fellow students had to deal mainly with technical designs and the like. The second miracle was that I was able to completely stop drinking alcohol. I had tried to stop several times before without any success.

I was able to completely stop drinking alcohol.

After I successfully completed my studies I was jobless. At first I was happy about this, as I was not sure what career I wanted to pursue. Regrettably however, I started reading esoteric literature and started to practice a kind of self-hypnotism. Because of this, I started to have ‘supernatural perceptions’ and became mentally confused. I ended up in a psychiatric hospital where the drugs I was prescribed caused cramps as side effects. It was horrible.

In the years following, I was taken to these hospitals several times. I was told that I would have to take medication for the rest of my life if I wanted to avoid these hospitalisations. I started to read the Bible again, searching for answers for my life. I understood that, according to the Bible, I had to be baptised to get rid of the burden of my sins. While I was helping an acquaintance of mine to renovate her flat, I met two Christians from Christian Assemblies International. About a week later I went to visit the deacon of the local Assembly Group. I told him that I would not leave until I was baptised. The night before this, I had gone through enormous attacks of fear and dreaded that I might have to be taken to a psychiatric hospital again. I lay on my bed and held my Bible like a protecting shield over my chest whilst invisible evil powers were at work in my room. Only my desire to be baptised the following day gave me the courage to face the attacks that night. So the next day, I repented of all my sins and received the Holy Spirit, and afterwards was baptised in a lake – Praise the Lord!

I have now been working full time for several years and do not take any medicine at all. I am thankful to the Lord for my well-being, and enjoy a very full and healthy life.

Praise the LORD, In His love, Ralf


Dear Ralf, lost husband 11 years ago and 23 year old son never recovered . He was 12 at the time. Became a heroin addict, alcoholic and lost goes on. Grant has epilepsy and many learning disabilities and also has an unreachable spirit . It doesn’t matter who try’s to help nothing works . His depression has caused severe isolation and lives in failure and hopelessness. Despite it all, he is an intelligent young man but refuses to see it and is just unable to connect with God. Need prayer for breakthrough! So difficult living in this situation and finances are difficult as well so am unable to put him in a therapy farm or home. God spoke to him years ago and told him His plans for him would succeed . See... grant has the gift of seers but is held back by the enemy and unable to ever move forward. Please pray my son can have a life one day free and filled with joy and his purpose that God has for him will be fulfilled . Thank you!
Patty g

Dear Ralf, I've been born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit since November 1971. My mother was raped by a Rabbi before I was born. I struggled with sexual addiction for awhile. I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 1996,and have been on depakote ever since. I am currently going to an Acts 2:38 church, pentacostal. I need prayer for deliverance and healing. Thanks. John

Congratulations on you being cured by Jesus!...:):):) Unfortunately I am still going through the the valley...(:(:(:(:(: Any prayers would be helpful to bring me through. Amen

Dear anonymous writer,
Thank you for your reply on my testimony. In order to pray for you it would be helpful to get some more details about your current situation that I could pray more specifically, but that’s completely up to you.
In HIS love Ralf

Dear anonymous writer,
Thank you for your reply on my testimony. I’m sad to hear about the health condition of your son Anthony.
I will pray for your son but it would be good to know what caused Anthony’s break down, so that I can pray more specifically.
I started reading esoteric literature and started to practice a kind of self-hypnotism out of lack of knowledge which led to my condition as described in my testimony. It was God’s mercy and grace which delivered me out of this condition and to salvation according to Acts 2:37- 38 Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?
Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

These are just a few lines to start a conversation, if you want.
In HIS love Ralf

Thank you for your testimony. For 17 years I have been crying out to the Lord to heal my son of his mental illness. He had a break down at 18 and his life has never been the same. They give him Meds that only sedate his thoughts but does not heal him. Please give me a plan to follow and pray for Anthony.

will pray for you sounds a bit like me..;) life is not the same but it's not finished God will show his grace trust in him

I have been fighting addiction to pain pills for about 10 years and the last 3 years have really gotten a lot worse and added adderal to that addiction about 2 years ago ! Knowing in my heart it was wrong seems like I've always fought on completely giving my heart to God! I have 4 kids, been married for over 20 years, been blessed professionally with a great opportunity and made great money until a year ago today! I have always been a person, who took responsibility for my actions, but for the last couple of yearsI really seem to have a hard time being myself. I have always wanted to be The best father and husband I could be, worked hard and tried to give them the very best, but I just feel a big hole in my heart and feel like I've failed at being a great husband and father! Really think because of the addiction and getting farther away from God and doing things my way and think I'm being punished because my daughter is having major mental illness and lots of bad addictions. She is 21 and very intelligent but very disrespectful to everyone around her. And my 17-year-old middle son is also dealing with major depression. And then Zaidi, it breaks my heart and I know I need to step up as a dad and be a leader of this family, the way God wants me to be. So, I am asking for prayers to help me with that and to just help our family overcome these illnesses and addictions and fill us with the Holy Spirit. Would like us to come closer. My wife lost her mother when she was seven and then her father when she was 12 and her mother was a Heroin addict, never really knew her father, who was a biker in a motorcycle gang. She has always dealt with depression and low self-esteem and is a very beautiful woman. Just the whole family is in a really unhealthy environment right now and need prayers to help us to get back on the right path, starting with me to become a strong leader and the man of God I need to be.

Hi Ralf,

I am also a South African. I have been suffering from disabeling mood swings and crazyness for years. However, I have experienced twice in my life now how God overnight made my smoking ciggarettes habit completely dissapear after i prayed about it. It 1st happend in 2011, on ressurection day, but then unfortunately, due to stress from the mood swings, I started smoking again after 2 years. Now recently it has happend a 2nd time, where I prayed that God would take away my smoking again after writing my prayer down. On the morning of which I asked God to take the urge away it actually happend again! Please pray for miraculous healing of these horrible debiletating mental health problems of mine. It has caused loads of problems and embarrasing situations with people ect. I believe that anything is possible, but I kind of feel that this illness is almost like an evil assault on my mind which I cannot control?

Please pray for me, I am 29 years old and dying to live and make a positive contribution towards society. Thank you for your inspirational story.

God bless you in Jesus' name Amen.

IN JESUS NAME please pray for me too, to increase my faith in the Lord and be completely healed from all physical ailments and pains. Thank you and God bless you. - LSS

Can you tell me how did you get well. Did you read the bible rigorously and which parts. I've been praying to Christ for 8 years now. I've gotten better but haven't been cured like you. I would appreciate some advice.

Dear Uyen,
Thank you for your reply on my testimony and your enquiry.
No, I did not read my bible rigorously and I didn’t read special chapters for my healing but of course I read my bible and studied special scriptures on the subject. I love to pray and miss it when I have a very busy day and manage only to pray in my car, bus or use any other chance to pray. I’m longing for the next opportunity to close the door behind me and spend time with the Lord in prayer according to Jude 20 But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,
This scripture is talking about praying in tongues (Mark 16:17;18)
Another uplifting and helpful scripture you’ll find in Ephesians 5:19; 20 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;
It was the Lord who healed me and He keeps me going and gives me new strength, if I spend time with him in reading and praying.
Please don’t give up. I’m sure the Lord has a lot more in store for you.
Take care.
In HIS love Ralf

Thank you for your testimony and encouragement Ralf.
Please continue to pray for me as I am not free yet.

Dear Ralf
I have suffered from migraines, depression and anxiety for many years. I take all kinds of medication and they help, but only treat the symptoms. I am a Christian of some 21 years, and have seen wonderful healings at different times. I often ask God to heal my mind and heal me from so many headaches, which stop me from doing anything but try to cope with the pain.

So perhaps God will give you insight into these areas for me, please pray for my healing.
Thank you
your brother in Christ

Dear Clive,
Many thanks for your reply on my testimony.
I just want to summarize my experiences when and after I got saved according ACTS 2 :37 -39 Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?
[38] Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
[39] For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.
I received the Holy Ghost after people laid hands on me with the proof of speaking in tongues, as you can read in Mark 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
From this time onwards I never had depressions again. I was advised to continue to take medication, but after some months my faith became stronger and stronger through the work of the Holy Ghost in me, that the Lord has healed me. I decided to cut the amount of medication until I chucked them in the bin, Praise the Lord.
I just want to send you these few lines today to start our conversation. I also started to pray for you.
Take care.
In HIS love Ralf

Hi Ralf I am South African and have a sister in Dusselsdorf in the Pscychiatric clinic. Her husband is completely in denial and considers giving up on her because of her condition, it is the second time. I am really worried because they have two beautiful healthy boys aged 2 and 4. It is scary the way he thinks. I am a strong believer, who believes just like you that JESUS is the only answer to this illness but it is not what my brother-in -law believes. What he believes is scary, it's frightening. I wish I could convince him to think differently, even if it is only for a day. Just for the sake of their kids and their marriage of course. I wish I could be there for them but are unable because of financial burdens to get to Germany. PLEASE PRAY WITH ME.

I have personally witnessed a healing from irreversible WET BRAIN. The patient was healed from reading the Bible. THANK YOU JESUS.........It is like the story of LAZARUS