Healed from Rare, Unknown Disease and Paralysis

Lars, BEd - Coffs Harbour, Australia

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After being a spirit-filled Christian for about 4 years, I had an experience that possibly many Christians can relate to, as something similar might have happened to you in the past or is happening to you as you read this.  Out of the blue I got terribly sick.

Let’s start at the beginning. In 2001 my wife and I lived in Paris wanting to bring the gospel to the French people. I worked as a language teacher and lecturer at university and was witnessing to many people about Jesus Christ. I had already experienced many miracles with God in my life and was studying the topic of divine healing intensively. One morning while teaching one on one I started getting very weak on my legs. It was a 90 minute class and the lady I was teaching realized that I was not quite my normal self and eventually I had to sit down, as the weakness in my legs got stronger and stronger and also spread to the rest of my body. The feeling I had is best described as being completely sore. Similar to how you feel when you haven’t exercised for a long time and then one day without any previous practice you have a killer workout. Just that this soreness was not only in my legs, but spread to every part of my body and virtually paralyzed me. Eventually my student realized that there was no point of continuing the class and I called my wife Mandy to pick me up, as I couldn’t drive the car anymore.

Mandy was in town and due to problems with the Metro (subway) it took her over two hours to come, whereas it would have normally only taken 20 minutes. By that time I was so sore that I could not even move with help and there was no chance to get me down into the car. As I was only able to sit on my chair, my work colleagues decided to call the fire brigade/ambulance, who then carried me downstairs. I asked them to take me home, which they refused and then transported me to the hospital in Evry, just minutes away from my work. After only a brief examination the doctors told me that I had diabetes and that I was seriously sick. I told them in nice terms that this was nonsense and that they should give me some magnesium and that I wanted to go home. They refused giving me magnesium for a long time, but eventually after insisting they gave it to me. There was no improvement to my physical wellbeing and my urine was full of blood.

told me that I had diabetes and that I was seriously sick

As the doctors in Evry had never seen a disease like this they decided to transfer me to a specialized clinic for rare diseases in Paris. Arriving there they took blood samples and put me on a glucose drip in order to keep my body hydrated and kidneys working. I was still not able to move and lay more or less paralysed in bed. Although I was physically in bad shape I knew that I had been healed when Jesus went to the cross for me over 2000 years ago and I was just waiting for the manifestation of the healing. I kept confessing the healing and knew very powerfully that I was just under attack.

After being in hospital for 3 days the doctors still had no clue what my problem was, despite them being specialised in rare diseases. They had never seen anything like it. This did not worry me, as I knew that the devil was trying to give me a hard time. I did not take any medication and just had a glucose (sugar-water) drip over those 3 days and could feel that I was getting a little bit of movement back. Being in hospital felt like a complete waste of time, as they could not do anything for me, other than keeping me hydrated, which I felt I could also do at home by myself.

Before taking the decision to leave I wanted to ask our senior pastor for advice the next morning. Without me telling anybody about my plan to leave the hospital, pastor Scott got another pastor to phone me passing on a message that I was just under a satanic attack and that I should get out of hospital. This was the confirmation I had waited for and I informed the nurses that I wanted to leave the hospital that very Sunday. They told the doctors and they were very upset about me wanting to leave. They tried intimidating Mandy and I pretty strongly by saying that I would lose the function of my kidneys and would end up being on dialysis amongst other things. This did not change my mind and I signed myself out of hospital at my own risk and had arranged for a couple of friends from church to pick me up. This was the first time I got up for over 3 days and the first time I saw myself in a mirror. I looked shocking, or as a friend stated “This is Lars’ voice, but that’s not him!”. Somehow the glucose-water had made one half of my face to bloat up incredibly and I had put on 10 kilos in 3 days.

With a couple of friends’ help they got me into a wheel chair and managed to get me home. I was relieved to be back home and just kept drinking heaps of water and kept studying the book “Healing the Sick” by T.L. Osborne, which I had been reading before this attack. This book is phenomenal, as it goes through every reason your mind might give you why you should not be healed and shows you that there is NO VALID REASON for this kind of thinking. Jesus took ALL sickness and disease with him to the cross and by His stripes we have been healed. It is a matter of fact. You just have to believe and accept it. Sickness is of the devil and Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. While reading the book I actually got more and more confidence that it is just a matter of time until I am 100% fit and kept praising God for His healing.

On Monday, i.e. the next day, poor Mandy was given a very hard time by several doctors, who phoned up trying to get me back into hospital, giving her the bleakest outlooks of what might happen to me if I didn’t return. Telling her how irresponsible she is and that she was to blame if anything happened to me. I decided to stay home anyway and not to go back to hospital, as God is the best physician.

I could feel small improvements in my health and strength every day, but it took about 4 weeks before I was fully fit again and able to go back to work. That’s where I learned that God’s healing power according to Mk 16:18 is not always instantaneous, but sometimes a process that takes time.
MARK 16:18 "They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

After being completely healed I was very excited about God’s healing power

After being completely healed I was very excited about God’s healing power and told many people within and without the church about what God has to say with regards to healing. A couple of months after this attack I flew to the USA for a church gathering in California and excitedly told everyone what had happened to me and how God had healed me. But then was to come another test of my faith.

One day we went witnessing in Sacramento when from one moment to the next all the symptoms of soreness came back, so that I was unable to stay on my legs for long. Of course thoughts came flushing in that I had not really been healed the last time, that I had made a fool of myself for confessing God’s miraculous healing and that I needed to see a doctor. Having read in Smith Wigglesworth’s book “Ever Increasing Faith” about people going through similar trials I learned that under no circumstances am I to doubt my healing and start talking negatively. So I started confessing again that “by His stripes I am healed” and within a few hours the soreness left again and has never come back since. This is over 11 years at the time of writing this testimony.

I hope that these lines will encourage you to not go and seek the doctor when you are sick, but claim and believe God for His healing, even though the symptoms might still be there. God is by far the best physician and in Him we should trust.

EXODUS 15:26 "And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee."



I had recently come down with an illness that is attacking my whole body. My stomach is numb and always makes weird sounds. I’m suffering from mal absorption. My skin and nails and hair are suffering a great deal. My eyes are always red and zombie line due to the fact the I cannot sleep at all. I’ve lost everything from family, jobs and cars due to this rare disease the doctors can’t seem to find out . I’ve been to multiple doctors and hospitals. I am experiencing memory loss but the worse part is not being able to sleep. I am really hoping and praying that this is not a prion disease someone has passed to me. I have a child I need to live for. I am praying that Jesus heals me from whatever it is that this is. I need a miracle. Please pray for me and pray that I am healed along with my partner and his problems.

Dear Lars. I'm writing you from Lima, Peru. I'd like you to help me in prayer as I have been battling a spirit of death and lots of illnesses have tried to shut me down. The problem is that thought victorious in not dying I cannot work and I'm afraid I am gonna stay like this forever... I'm taking lots of meds..

Will go over all your website. Glad I found you. I am motivated to break this stronghold/curse

Thank you

Dear friend,

Thanks for writing to us and please take comfort in God's promises to us. You are loved by God and are his treasure. I have also prayed for you and if you have a chance to read the book "Healing the Sick" by T.L. Osborne, I can highly recommend it.

God bless...Lars

My son has been home sick since January. He is 13 :-(. He has had so many things come against him over the years that I’m now realizing the enemy has really been trying to tear him down.

He likely had untreated Lyme disease over the last 8 years and his immune system has basically shut down. (I begged doctors over the years to treat his Lyme but I was always told it wouldn’t help). Now he cannot move off our sofa and has several viruses that his immune system wont clear (incl Coxsackie B). I thought this wasn’t the reason for why he’s had recurring sore throat and fevers and ZERO energy but now I see it very well could be. I don’t even know what specifically to pray for but I soo sooo MISS my son!!! I can barely go to his room and look at his closet and toys without crying. He is 5% of who he was. Please please help me pray that God send his warring angels and do NOT let the enemy win in this battle. Perhaps God has something great in mind for him(?) and honestly I am scared of this whole process. My heart is continuously downcast. I’m trying to see the joy in what God is doing but my flesh feels so hopeless. Thank you for letting me ask this of you. We just need serious help in prayer.

Love and thanks to you,



Hi Gabi,

I am truly sorry to hear how your son is suffering and have just prayed for his healing and for God to strengthen you all. Keep encouraging yourself by filling yourself with God's promises. Maybe get a copy of the book "Healing the Sick" by T. L. Osborne and read it out to your son. The devil always tries to discourage us, by looking at our circumstances. We need to look at the Word of God and "not walk by sight, but by what His Word says". It's not easy, but the best way forward and one that promises victory.

God bless and please send me an update every now and then..Lars

My husband went into a catatonic state following immense stress. Since then he has slipped in and out of a coma. He seems to recognise me but is mute and can move his lower limbs only. I believe Jesus heals but confess I am struggling to stay positive as the doctors suggest that he has leukencephaly - the destruction of white matter in his brain.

Your testimony really encouraged me. I have been believing God,for total,restoration of my health and i believe he HAs done what i have askd him for. But like you said miracle healing are not instantaneous so God pls show up for me and perfect all you started

Dear friend,

I can only imagine how hard this use be for you. You need to fill yourself with God's Word and His promises with regards to healing. I would strongly recommend to get a hold of the book "Healing the Sick" by T.L. Osborne, as this will strengthen your faith incredibly. Maybe even read things out to your husband. I am sincerely thinking of you and please keep us informed on how your husband is going.

God bless...Lars

Hello Lars My husband experienced severe stress 40 days ago and was struck down with catatonia. Since then he has slipped in and out of a coma, is mute and the doctors have suggested that he Leukencephaly (white matter being destroyed) This is hard as I do not know what is going on in his mind and spirit, but I am asking God to protect my faith from weakening as I continually claim healing for him.

That was a very encouraging story. I will continue to trust God. My Son is undergoing a similar challenge. He was diagnosed with diabetes at 8 years old and has been a insulin dependent since then. Its now four years and he has began bleeding on the side abdomen with out a wound, scar or injury. Several scans and blood tests have been taken and testing negative. When i try to clean the up and squeeze the area to find out a continuation of the blood flow nothing comes out of the skin.
I believe it is an attack from the devil, because my son is unable to go to school and he is a primary leaving candidate.

I continue to pray and trust God for a miracle

Dear friend,

I have just prayed for you and your son. Keep up the faith and let me know how he is progressing.

Kind regards,

I have a rare illness (panhypopituitarism) I have been on meds for 4 years. I need prayer for healing and prayer for a stronger faith. God bless

Hi Anet,

Sorry to hear about your health issues. Stay strong in your faith, but studying what God says with regards to healing. Go through our "Health and Healing" section and fill yourself with all of God's promises and claim them. Thinking of you...Lars

Have been told I have lymes and maybe cipro poisoning. Have had serious sleep disruption,brain fog, weakness, loss of appetite and inability to function normally. Please agree with me for normal sleep and total healing. This has been going on for over a month. I know O am healed. I went 3 nights withput sleep and resorted to medication to sleep which has bad side effects. God is my Jehovah Rapha and by His stripes I am healed in Jesus' mighty name!!THANK YOU Jesus!!!!

Dear friend,

I have just prayed for you. It is good to read that you are claiming your healing. God can't lie, so fill yourself with His Word and thank Him for the healing he has provided by Christ going to the cross for us.

Keep us informed how your recovery is going.

God bless...Lars

Hello Lars!

Reading your testimony profoundly touched me and encouraged me. Knowing that God has promised us healing through the mighty name of His son Jesus Christ, I know that By His stripes I am healed. I am earnestly requesting that you pray for my complete healing from Parkinson's Disease. I am a 65 year old married woman from Panama and I have had some of the symptoms of PD for 1 year now and have been treating it for that long with prayer and reliance on God the Healer and not drugs. I was especially impressed with what you said: Having read in Smith Wigglesworth’s book “Ever Increasing Faith” about people going through similar trials I learned that under no circumstances am I to doubt my healing and start talking negatively. So I started confessing again that “by His stripes I am healed” and within a few hours the soreness left again and has never come back since. This is over 11 years at the time of writing this testimony.

I hope that these lines will encourage you to not go and seek the doctor when you are sick, but claim and believe God for His healing, even though the symptoms might still be there. God is by far the best physician and in Him we should trust." I also firmly believe the same thing and I have been firmly holding to this for the past year. I truly think that is why I am in basically better shape than if I were going to the physicians and taking drugs into my body. Thank you so much in advance for praying for my complete recovery. With Him ALL things are possible. I know that God richly has blessed you. Lydia M. R.

Dear Lydia,

Thanks for writing and good to hear that my testimony has helped to encourage you to trust God. I have just prayed for your complete healing and would like to encourage you to read Hebrews chapter 11. The so called "Faith Chapter" in the Bible. Verse 11 in particular talks about how Sarah "judged him faithful, who had promised". That's something everyone can and should do. God can't lie and is faithful to His word. So keep thanking God for what Jesus has done for you, by taking your sins and diseases with Him to the Cross.

God bless...


Dear Lars,
Thank you so much! I am ever grateful for your prayer for my complete recovery. And I have been extremely Blessed through reading Chapter 11 of Hebrews. It has blessed me and opened my eyes like a miracle. Blessings, Lydia

That's great to her Lydia.

I am keeping your full recovery in prayer.

God bless...Lars

Hi lars,

Please help me pray about my condition today. Im experiencing blood in my urine and I knew that as a Christian and believer of Christ, nothing is impossible to those who trust God. I ask for you prayers that May The Blood Of Jesus Christ be upon me today. I believed I am underattack of satan. Thanks, Lars! God bless you always.

Dear friend,

I have just prayed for you and hope that you are well again.

God bless...Lars

Hi Lars,
Am writing on behalf of my mother or my family. She has been sick since November through different sicknesses. The legs have been since then paralysed and every time complaining to be cold. She cannot even manage to sit because of back ache and ribs ache. The doctors are saying she is suffering from arthritis and spinal damage. Would you please help us to pray for her to get a complete healing in Jesus Name.

Dear friend,

I have just prayed for your mum and her complete healing. Is your mum a Christian if I may ask?

Kind regards,


Hi, my daughter has been sick now for several weeks. First we thought it was just the flu, and doctor gave her meds. Now she has other symptoms and doctors do not know what the problem is. ENT said she is ok, family dr can't seem to find out what's wrong. She has an unknown virus just like Alex was talking about. Please pray that my daughter gets healed and the dr can find out what is causing these problems for her. We are extremely worried about her. Thank you.

Dear friend,

I have just prayed for your daughter. Come before the Lord with the health of your daughter. Claim the promises of God and fill yourself with as much as the Word of God as you can. Seek the Healer and the healing will follow. God bless...Lars

Hi Lars
Hope you are well?
I am writing on behalf of my family but more so, my husband. His legs have been swelling up and now and again parts of his body. doctors say he has protein in his urine and blood. they are doing tests and reckon it's his kidney. we are believers in Christ and have been claiming healing. one minute it's is gone down and the next minute the swelling starts again. please can you help us pray for divine healing permanently and also for healing of all the cysts on his body and tetanus and any other illness.
As I write this message to you, I felt The Lord speak to my spirit and say that "my husband has already been healed' I just woke him up to tell him that message. it takes a boldness to say that even though the sign on his swollen legs says otherwise.
Please pray for him and help us to receive gods healing, in Jesus' name.
Shermane, England

Dear Shermane,

I can feel with you and your husband and whereas it is terrible to be sick, you have been given the true Scriptural answer. Your husband has been healed 2000 years ago. It really is up to us to claim and confess these Scriptures. I would like to strongly encourage you to purchase the book "Healing the Sick" by T.L. Osborne and also "Ever Increasing Faith" by Smith Wigglesworth. As you both fill yourselves with this incredible kind of knowledge, you will see it becomes a lot easier to think along the lines the Lord has shown you.

Please let me know how things are going.

Love in Christ,


Hello my name is Alex, and i was diagnosed by my ENT doctor with an unknown virus and or genetic defect that i'd like to have answered. Call me at 2014445295