My Son Healed from Epilepsy

Concetta - Rome, Italy

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During the birth of my son, Benjamin, there were complications and his brain didn't receive enough oxygen. When I first saw him his skin was blue. He was admitted to a special hospital where he stayed for the first few weeks. When he was four, a nursery teacher told me that something was wrong with him, as he didn’t react when they spoke to him. They advised me to take him to the doctor, which I did.

In hospital they examined him and found that he had epilepsy. As a result he was prescribed a lot of medication. As he got older and went to school it got worse, and when he had a fit his temperature would drop below 36°C and he would feel sick. When I became a Christian I heard that God healed people through Jesus, and that He is able to heal people today as well. I prayed that if this God really existed he would completely heal my son. At that point I knew in my heart that Benjamin would be healed.

One year later I went to our Assembly’s Annual General Meeting in Cornwall, together with my children. One day there was a healing evening where people could ask for prayer from the pastors. I took the opportunity and asked for prayer for my son. The pastor laid hands on him and prayed that he’d never have an epileptic fit again. Since that day he hasn’t had a fit, and no longer has to take any medication!

On arriving home from Cornwall we went to the doctor to confirm the healing. The doctor couldn't believe what he saw. He said that there was no longer any sign of epilepsy! My son has been completely free from any fits since he received prayer. It was the best proof for me that the Bible is true.

"For I am the Lord that healeth thee." (EXODUS 15:26).

Love in Christ, Concetta

Dear reader, 

In our experience, we’ve come to learn that seizures and epilepsy can have different reasons (spiritual, nutritional, stress factors, injuries etc). However, the Bible shows that there is healing in Jesus’ name from all different conditions and problems. First and foremost we need to seek God as our Lord and Saviour, so that He can remove anything ungodly and seal us with the Holy Spirit. If you have not embraced salvation yet, we urge you to study scriptures on [insert link: salvation]. Please feel free to leave a comment and contact us - it may be we are able to support your situation in prayer.  Seek God diligently, pray, study His word and trust in Jesus Christ. PSALMS 66:20: "Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me.” 

Sincerely in Christ, Concetta.


I ask for the healing of my best friends son with epilepsy.. His name is Jonah and he has a rare genetic condition which has led to a malfunction in his brain. Unfortunately epilepsy is one of the main side effects. Despite his condition, he is the happiest little boy I know. However, my best friend has been left broken hearted, tired, stressed and worn out due to her caring for her son 24/7 and has not had a decent sleep in many years. Please ask for the Lord for the healing of this horrible disease. Thank you!

Please pray for my son Montell. Please pray that he is healed from epilepsy and that his brain neurologically works normal. Please allow the surgery he had is a great success!!! Please pray that my son is completely healed from epilepsy and will walk out the hospital the same way he walked in!!! In Jesus name !!!! Amen !

My son 7 years old nd he is autistic nd has epilepsy. I'm asking for prayers so that God may heal him in his name. I'm about to take him to special school nd Im worried about him because he is not even talking nd still wears pampers.

Please I ask god, to heal my daughter Gianna Rose of her seizures from a brain abnormality... she suffers everyday and they said brain surgery is the only way it will be healed... please pray for her for healing. amen

My baby is diagnosed of brain injury due to oxygen deprivation during delivery and having seizures. This is a very difficult times for me as a mother and the family. Please help us in prayers for total healing for my baby boy. God bless.

Helo dear, I have just brought this before the Lord and asked Him to fill you with strength and faith and that you son is healed in Jesus name, by His stripes we were healed!

Pray for my son doctor said he had epilepsy. In Jesus name help him

I pray that you son is healed, healthy and whole - much love in Christ...

My son has had about 5 episodes of seizures this year. He is four years old. He normally has about 10 seizures per episode, please join me in prayer and belief in God for healing. Thank you

Please would you pray to the Lord Jesus Christ to cure my medical problems i was born with which are Epilepsy / spine bifida/ Tetherd cord/ sciatica/ pray in the lords name jesus christ Amen many thanks

Please pray for my grandson. He’s almost 3. As a baby he had infantile spasms. I prayed and they stopped. He was seizure free for 2 and a half years. Now he has seizures again. These are different than the spasms. Please pray that our Heavenly Father in Heaven heals him. In Hesys name I pray.

I pray for the 3 year old child for Jesus Christ to heal this child permanently from these unwanted spasms.
Thank You God Almighty. Amen

Please pray for my Anthony. He get seizures.

Please pray for me. I normally suffer from epilepsy i dont get fits but i normally freeze and i also do get signs if im gonna have a attack.

please pray for my niece. she's only 1o months and diagnosed with epilepsy.

Please pray for my 10 years old son who has epilepsy, struggle at school because of that sickness.

please join your faith with me to pray for my son you is diagnosed of epilepsy.thank you

please pray for my son he is 5yrs to be heal of epilesy.i join my faith with you.thank you.

We serve a living God how wonderful it is to hear that your son was healed to God be all the glory please pray that I will be healed from my epilepsy I. The name of Jesus Amen

Please pray that I am completely Healed from epilepsy

I will add you in my Prayers i have just asked myself to be Healed from Epilepsy i know what it is like to go through it just need to have faith and the Lord jesus christ and our father will bless us the gift when the time is right.

I would like to be healed from seizures

I would like to be healed of brain Damage and no more brain damage

Plz pray for my son who is suffering from eating epilepsy from past two years he is fifteen years old plz pray him in the name of jesus

Hi, do you mean he gets fits after he eats food, does this happen after certain foods? My brother used to get fits after eating noodles, pasta, we realized he is sensitive to gluten due to his weak stomach, Google gluten free diet for which foods to avoid. I pray that your son gets healed.

Please pray for my girlfriend for complete healing on epilepsy. Thank you

Plz I need prayers for my twins Jacintha and Jason. They are 4yrs old and cannot interact. I took them to the hospital and they were diagnosed with having seizures, mild autism and fits. I know Jesus can heal them. Please I need your prayers.

My son need the grace of God upon his life, he had seizers every month for the last three months, all test did not show anything. I trust that my prayers to the almighty while taking him for a brain scan and EEG has healed him. He is recommended for another review after three weeks. My Jesus put the Devil to shame. Isaac is about to make 3 years but would have abnormal night mares from 6month until recently when upgraded to seizers. I Believe in the Power of God.

I had epilepsy since 2000 till 2009 than I was free and had normal life until 16.07.2018- I was driving to work early morning and waked up in hospital. Car destroyed I’m in bits it was seizure....this nightmare ruined my life before and now it came back. I’m not to close with Jesus but will change that as He is the only hope for me . If any of you guys pray, than please pray for me. I have small kids I need to provide for them being sick it’s not the option here. Jesus is our hope.

Thanks for sharing your inspiring story,I am a mother of a Twin-18 yr old boys,the other one is having an epilepsy since birth & he wasn't able to go to school,his name is Joshua & his twin bother Joseph is going to graduate from University this year.
Im always & still hoping for a complete healing of Joshua,he's taking his medication since he was diagnosed.With high hopes that God will heal him someday & I m asking for your prayers also.
Thanks for reading & for praying my Joshua.

Please pray for me. I've had seizures since I was 3. In 2011 my epilepsy got worse and I haven't been able to get back on my feet since. I'm not the worst case on this forum, but I could use some help. Thank you. God bless.

Please pray for my son Justin Tea. He was diagnosed with epilepsy yesterday from the EEG report. He is only 6 years old and please pray for complete healing and no fear in his heart. Eventhough he is only 6 he told us that he is useless because he has epilepsy. It broke our hearts and we talk to him that JESUS is going to heal him completely. We started the medication and doctor said that he needs to take this all the time. we don't know what to do and our only hope is JESUS.

He is a living God.Definately Jesus will heal your son.but please share your testimony after healing.God is good.Amen.

Please pray for me. I have had epilepsy my entire life and it has affected my education, work, and overall ability to be normal. I want to be cured and believe in miracles.

I have been diagnosed with epilepsy after having meningitis when I was in high school. I have suffered with this illness for many years and I am 27 years old now. I was diagnosed with it when I was 18 years of age. Please keep me in prayer.

Please would you be kind enough to pray for me in the lords name jesus christ to Heal my medical conditions which is epilepsy / urethral pipe stricture / spin bifida / Tetherd cord / and T11 Syrinx / sciatica/ i do pray to the lord jesus christ every morning and night would appreciate if a prayer to God could be granted to heal my conditions many thanks in the name of jesus christ Amen

Please pray for my daughter Ivana, 10 months old diagnosed with epilepsy,having sizures and not milistoning properly. I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks

Greeting My beloved family in Christ, Please i urge you to keep the faith. My prayers are with theee.. if yE believe and receive IT IS DONE IN THE NAME OF JESUS.. :)

Pray for me for healing/deliverance, I'm 35, I've been dealing with seizures since high school, not sure of the cause, I'm a believer in the Lord, I reject seizures, I declare "as He is, so are we in this world", and " by His stripes we are healed", I am made whole in the name of Jesus! Thank you for the prayers, be blessed in the Lord!

Please pray for my son Solomon. He is having epilepsy and very poor appetite. He us just 2 years old not talking and walking properly and mild autistic behavior. Please pray for my son to get God's touch and healing.

I just prayed for your son Solomon.
God is our Healer, no matter what our body is telling us. Trust in God that he will heal Solomon and bless him with vibrant healt and overflowing joy.
Never understimate the power of prayer, it can change everything.
Love in Christ

Please pray for son for uncontrolled seizures. 22 yrsyoung man who also have autism has very difficult day to day living. Lots of seizure meds, not working. He has seizure unannounced, he drops. Gran mal seizures. He is mute, depressed. On wheelchair due to seizure. Health is affected. Chronic constipation.

Hi, hope your son is doing great. Is he sensitive to some foods especially gluten, my brother suffers from the same symptoms after eating noodles,pasta. Please google gluten foods. Above all, I pray that your son is healed in the name of Jesus.

Please pray for my friend's son, Sean. He has had seizures for the past 16 years and been on many different medications. Please pray for his complete healing as his mom is unemployed and struggling to pay his medical bills. She is a single parent of 3 children. Oftentimes she cant even put food on the table. Thank you.

Praying that God will come through for you. We serve a living God

I'm Jazzies from the Philippines. Please pray for commplete healing of my son Josiah. He is 6 months old. Less than 12 hours after his birth, we had to rush him to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed him to have Hypoxic-Ischemic Exncephalopathy-a kind of brain injury due to low supply of oxygen and blood to the brain. He was confined at the NICU for 17 days. After several cranial ultraounds, doctors found ventricular dilation suggesting hydrocephalus. Im worried and afraid of my son's condition. I felt it was like a bomb ready to explode anytime. Please pray for him. I have faith in Jesus Christ, that He will heal my son. I am looking forward to a day when I will be telling the world of our testimony. Thank you.

Hi please pray for my daughter her name is Christain in April she just got like epilepsy and a seizure I always prayer for her but sometimes i just feel so hopefull

Kind regards

We bless the Lord for the wonderful things he is doing in our generation. I am one the parent who saw the hand of God upon my daughter who was found to be having epilepsy because she did not get enough Oxygen during birth.

On the 19 February we went to Rev Ralekholela at vereenigng de deur 106 plot to pray for our daughter and the Lord healed her.

God is alive

my son is suffering from epilepsy since the age of twelve.Please pray for the complete recovery of the left side of his brain as he has a lot of studying to do in college,his ame is timothy

Please pray for my son D. He has been experiencing a few seizures last night and he is very sick with a upper respiratory issues. Please Jesus Christ, please make him to have a speedy recovery. God bless xx

Hello, I will keep your son in prayer. Keep seeking the Lord. God is a God of miracles. Love in Christ Concetta

Rejoice in the power and mercy of the Lord. I ask that you pray for my 3 year old son Oscar who has been diagnosed with Epilepsy 22.12.16 and is currently have multiple seizures daily. I pray for Oscar to be cured of this disease and associated issues immediately. Lord hear my prayers and grant this mercy to this beautiful soul, my cherished son Oscar. I will continue to pray to you ... for his release from this illness. It is with great anticipation Oscars health is returned. With all my love, Lord hear my prayers Amen

Please pray son epilepsy that he be healed. Does not have to often. Name is Cedric

Dear friend,
we will support your battle with our prayers and will love to see your son Oscar healed and freed! Epilepsy can be a spiritual matter, then the Lord needs to be sought not only as our healer but much more as our Lord and Saviour to sweep out what is not godly and seal us with the Holy Spirit. Epilepsy may also have nutritional reasons and has been fought in different cases by simply eliminating certain foods from the patients nutrition. I highly recommend to watch the film "First do no harm" - true story. I pray the Lord will gently reveal to each of you beloved, be it as patients or parents, if there is anything You need to change to see a change. If you haven't embraced His salvation yet, do so and healing will be the next important thing to seek. If you are born again please consider if there may be foods you are allergic to or if there is some spiritual matter that needs to be approached still. Seek the Lords will for your lives, and I am convinced you are not to stay in this condition. Psa 66:20: "Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me"
Love in Christ

Good morning Concetta, I sincerely thank you for your kindness in pray and words of guidance. I have continued to pray daily for the the restoration of Oscars health as the seizures are still ongoing when he sleeps. We have been advised that it is refractory Epilepsy and more recently Oscar has had additional testing done which we are waiting upon the results. Your words really lifted my heart as I have been listening to the advice of a gentleman, searching for answers and the bottom line to his message was I need to have faith and trust in God and the answers will come. I visited a GP late yesterday afternoon concerning Oscar, we are waiting for a review of the results. Following on from that, I was doing more research which lead myself to the nutrition information including the movie that you advised myself, my heart skipped a beat when I saw you reply and to then read the advice filled my heart with joy. I Know there were aspects that I could improve upon and I seek guidance in this case. I am truly grateful for your words. I love all my children and I cannot wait to see my beautiful son Oscar free of this illness including the medication. I sincerely thank you.

Hi am samuel and am born again
under medication of epilipsy which happens after a longtime if am not taking medics.But i feel so bad always in my body,feeling pains and fartics please pray for me.

Calvary greeting in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is with tears that I invite you to pray for Emmanuel O. for God to heal him from epilepsy in Jesus' name.

Hello, just read your request and prayed that the Lord will heal Emmanuel in the Name of Jesus Christ, He is our healer and saviour. Keep seeking the Lord and he will give you the strength.
Love in Christ, Concetta

Please pray for my son Samuel A., he was diagnosed with seizure disorder 7 months ago and is recently having several horrible seizures each day. He is also having delayed developmental milestones. I believe strongly that Jesus can heal him and set him free. Please pray for him and for my family.

Hello, I will keep your son and your family in prayer. Keep seeking the Lord. God is a God of miracles. Love in Christ Concetta

I ask you to pray for me. I have been tormented by epilepsy for 34 years. I am a born again believer but I don't know why it is still showing up. Pastors have prayed for me and I have also prayed for myself but I do not see the result coming forth. What am I supposed to do? All answers come from God. I have also prayed and fasted to the Almighty God but only Him knows the time.


I have asked the Lord to show me, what is the best answer that I can give you. The only answer I get is, that if you have done all, than you only need to believe and live by faith. For this I can recommend the book "Faith to Live" by Derek Prince. This is all about faith. I will of course pray for your healing and that the Lord will provides you with necessary faith.

James 1:3
Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

Hebrews 10:36
For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.

In the love of Christ, Concetta

Please pray for my 15 years old daughter who is having seizers from last 10 months and had a memory loss and lost her confidence. She is struggling at school in her lessons and finds hard to do her homework and her speech is getting worse too. I believe that Jesus Christ will completely heal her forever. Pls pray for safiya. Amen

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I have just prayed for your daughter. May God bless you and expect a miracle!
Please fill you up with God's Word and fill you up with scripture about healing.
Love in Christ Concetta

Hi my daughter Safiya is suffering from epilepsy she has tonic clinic seizers 6 to 7 times a month from last 10 months. I started going church and believe Jesus Christ will heal her for ever. Please pray in Jesus name for safiya to heal and to stop her seizers now. Pray works in Jesus name. Amen

Please Jesus heal our daughter from all seizures and epilepsy. Please help soon. Amen.

Please, please, I need healing prayers for my son Nasko. He has been diagnosed with brain injury, lyme diseases and bipolar. I believe God will heal him and he will have a normal life. God bless .

I have just prayed to God that He will heal your son Nasko. keep seeking the healer and expect a mircale.
Love in Christ

My 12year old daughter has suffered from absences since she was 7. Please pray for her to rid these seizures for good! Please Lord Jesus touch her with your healing hand and set her free.

Thanks for writing, I have just prayed to God that He will heal your daughter.. keep seeking the healer and expect a mircale.
Love in Christ Concetta

Please pray for my son Dimitri who is 9, he has seizures Twice a year for the past 5 years, the doctors suspect it is abdomial seizures. Lord Jesus please give us strength and guide us .We hope the divine energy will heal our son. Xxxx

Please pray for my daugther. She has juvinille myoclonic epilesy. Please. It's her birthday tomorrow. Getting her healed is the best gift that she and our family could ever have. Thank you

Please pray for my son Xolani Dube. He has got epilepsy since 2014, while he was on his mattress. Since then he never got better. I believe in the power of prayer. Thank you!

Please pray that my little son will be completely healed of seizures, AMEN and thanks

Please pray for my son, Sam William, who is 4.5 years old and suffers from Dravet Syndrome. Seizure started from 8 months old.
He had 4 seizures today.. Lord Jesus, our Healer, please touch Sam with your healing hands.

I have epilepsy. Just to clarify: not everyone who has seizures is epileptic. What type of epilepsy did Benjamin have? And what kind of seizures did he have?

Please pray for my son Randall. He has been having a seizure at least once a month.. Please pray that these seizures go away!! He really just want to live a normal life.. I believe in Jesus Christ and I know without a doubt prayer works.. Thanks

Dear friends,

we will support your battle with our prayers and will love to see you healed and freed! Epilepsy can be a spiritual matter, then the Lord needs to be sought not only as our healer but much more as our Lord and Saviour to sweep out what is not godly and seal us with the Holy Spirit. Epilepsy may also have nutritional reasons and has been fought in different cases by simply eliminating certain foods from the patients nutrition. I highly recommend to watch the film "First do no harm" - true story. I pray the Lord will gently reveal to each of you beloved, be it as patients or parents, if there is anything You need to change to see a change. If you haven't embraced His salvation yet, do so and only then healing will be the next important thing to seek. If you are born again please consider if there may be foods you are allergic to or if there is some spiritual matter that needs to be approached still. Seeks the Lords will for your lives, and I am convinced you are not to stay in this condition. Psa 66:20: "Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me" In His love, Stevie

My dear friends in Christ, kindly pray for me... I have been in a spiritual warfare, fighting with epilepsy for more than 15 years now. With no apparent reason I began to suffer from epilepsy.
I came to realize that I am not suffering from a normal epilepsy as my wife prayed straight away for me when seazure started and the seizure stopped. Every time she starts praying for me the whole process of seazure ends there and then. Please join me, asking God together to heal me.

Please pray for our five year old who was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. She jerks several times a day. Doctors aren't sure why.

Dear friend,

I just prayed for your 5 year old daughter in the Name Jesus to be healed and the seizure disorder to stop. Many causes for seizures/jerking could be listed by a doctor and they may have difficulties to pinpoint one specific cause for the seizures in your daughters body. Sometimes you can help your child further with the right healthy diet (less sugary stuff etc) especially if you inform yourself and check if certain conditions can be avoided or limited.

You can get in touch if you want to discuss further.

God Bless

Please pray for my son Ditheto, he's 4 years old and has epilepsy.

Dear Friend,

I just prayed for your son. Please read the other testimonies on our website to strengthen your faith and help with getting to know our Creator and His son, Jesus Christ, who bore not only our sins to the cross but also was beaten with stripes to take on our sicknesses, through which we are healed.

God bless your son and you.

My son like Benjamin suffers with Dravet Syndrome! Place your healing hands on him Jesus!!!

Heal my Dravet Syndrome Son Nathaniel (gift from god)!!! In Jesus Name agree with me bothers and sisters in Christ! Amen and Amen!

Our Son also suffers with Dravet Syndrome...please pray it miracle. Agree with me ...Jesus heal Nathaniel !!!

please pray for my son the doctor say his suffering from epilepsy, his 13yrs old thank you may God here our prayers.

Please pray for my beautiful son tonight, He is very scared and having a few seizures tonight. Please pray that my sons anxiety and seizures will be healed . Please pray and please Jesus Christ please give our family strength , hope and faith for the future. God bless to you all Helen xx

Please heal my beautiful son from seizures , he is having an few tonight and pray that Jesus will stop them tonight and hope and pray one day he will be healed. Xx

I have epilepsy, fears became huge, I will pray for you all.
Please pray for me, I would like to live again.
Thank you all!
God bless you.